Loot distribution: EPGP

Elysium uses EPGP as method of loot distribution. For this purpose we have our own addon which is mandatory for all raiders/trialists in order to receive loot.


EPGP stands for Effort Points / Gear Points. Basically you get points for effort and obtained loot. Effort is translated into time spend raiding. We award 250 Effort Points for every 15 minutes of raiding. The gearpoints are awarded based on the itemlevel and the type of item that drops. I won’t explain the formula for gearpoints (it is explained elsewhere), but it comes down to weapons a lot GP, rings a little GP.

Priority is based on the formula prio = EP/GP. This means people with the highest attendance score and the least gear obtained have a high priority. If you aquired gear your priority will drop. Attending raids will slowly increase your priority. As people in the raid aquire gear as well their priority will drop too so each gets their turn on getting gear.

About decay

To prevent long time raiders collecting huge amount of Effort Points and to prevent that a once aquired piece of gear keeps hurting your priority for new loot; the EP and GP scores are decayed by 10% at the start of each raid. This means that each raid you start with 10% less EP and GP than you had previously. It also means that if you do not attend a couple of raids your accumulated scores will deminish. Note that we have a minimum GP so you cannot decay below 2850 for that.
Okay what does that decay thing mean for our scores.


The higher your EP, the more you lose due to the decay. You will gain as much as someone with little EP. A typical raid is worth ~4000 EP. Suppose person A has 10,000 EP and person B has 5,000 EP. Both attend the raid. After decay is done, Person A has 9,000 EP and person B has 4,500. Both gain full EP; endscore will be person A: 13,000 EP and person B: 8,500 EP. Note that the net gain for person A is 3,000 and for person B 3,500. These is a “soft cap” of ~42,500 EP in Elsium because there the decay will be about equal to the gain.


The higher your GP, the more you lose to the decay. The gain depends on the type of item you win. You may not gain any GP if you haven’t won anything. In fact- if you don’t win anything the GP value will be lower than the raid before. To get priority you want a high amount of EP and a low amount of GP.


Decay doesn’t affect priority; both values decay by the same percentage therefore the ratio of EP:GP remains what it was.

How does raid attendance affect our scores?


if you join a raid, you gain EP. Except if you’re at ~42,500 the point where the decay and the gain even out. The closer to that EP score the less you actually gain. The lower your EP the more of the maximum credited EP you will receive.If you miss a raid your EP score will drop by 10%.


attendance doesn’t influence your GP- winning items does. If you won an item, your GP score increases. If the GP value of an item is close to the 10% value of your GP your score will hardly change.If you didn’t win any item, your GP score was 10% lower than before.


If you attended a raid and you won an item; your priority will be lowered.If you attended a raid and you didn’t win an item; your priority will be higher.If you didn’t attend a raid; your priority will remain the same. This ofcourse is relative because the priority of everyone that did attend and did not win anything will be increased compared to your priority.
How can someone be above me while 15 minutes ago that person was below me in priority?
We award EP for every 15 minutes of raiding. This means that every 15 minutes the priorities are recalculated. If two priorities are close, the increase in EP at a 15 minute mark might be just enough to change priority. See the example below, for easier math the values are 10 ep per 15 minutes but the principle remains with higher values.

EP/GP = prio

A: 20/21 = 0.95

B: 40/40 = 1.00
Person B has top priority. New the 15 minute mark happens and 10 EP is awarded
A: 30/21 = 1.42

B: 50/40 = 1.25
Note how person A passed person B here.