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We are a raid-force with our eyes on the prize, meant in the way that we aim at progress. Our goal is to move forward rather than to be standing still, farming the same old instances over and over. That is why we set requirements for our members to fulfill.

How to join us?

Make an application here on our forums, and our recruitment officer will happily have a talk with you as soon as possible.

My application was accepted. Now what?

Then you are put on trial until the officers have decided whether you’re permanently in or out. It’s not a certain amount of time or raids; you’re on trial until the officers are satisfied with what they have seen – or, God forbid, disgruntled enough to let you go.

What do we expect from you as a Raid Force member?



Sign up: You MUST attend 2 25-man raids every week. Needless to say, Real Life can get in the way for certain periods of time, in which case you have a talk with the officers, and we will see if we can figure something out.

Sign Out: All official raid events are being put up on the board a sensible amount of time in advance. If you are unable to attend a certain event, sign out! The officers need the information to plan the event. Officers are not supposed to come to you, asking if you can attend.

When you get accepted on trial, we expect that you start using the signup system at every raid from the beginning.

Let us know in good time: If you find out that youre unable to attend a raid, even though you’re signed up for it, let us know, so we can find a replacement for you. (either use the lovely forums or call someone. We’re here to help each other!)

Show up: It is paramount that we in Elysium Raid Force are able to trust one another. Therefore: When you sign up for a raid, you show up for the raid! Yes, freak accidents do happen for everyone, but when you’re signed for a raid, you’re expected to be there – Every time, on time! You wouldn’t stay away from a meeting at work or a doctor’s appointment or a date at the movies either, would you?Everybody else depends on you when you raid, and the least you can do is to keep your agreements.

Be ready: When you attend raid, you come on time. You’re ready for the raid. You don’t need to repair first or buy potions or flasks, or whatever at the AH. You’re ready for invite as per Schedule.

Consumables: Bring your own pots/elixirs/consumables to the raid. By doing this, You can help us having the cutting edge we need to kill a boss for the first time.

Do your Homework: You are required to read up on the bossfights we are currently practicing on, as well as the next few so can save ourselves the first many wipes. It doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to read up on your classrole on a specific bossfight. The raidleaders won’t inform about every class detail on every fight.

Talent spec: We expect you to be 100% raid spec. if you want to play PVP, then either do it with Raid spec, or have yourself dualspecced for it. If we see a problem with a certain member’s talent spec, the according role leader will ask you to respec to a raid spec. They can also help getting a good raid spec, should you be in doubt. If you are asked to spec outside of the spec you are normally assigned to the guild will pay for respecs (at officer discretion).

Flexibility: We expect mature and flexible members that do what they can for the better of the force. If we’re a class short we might call on an alt of yours, or ask you to respec if its really needed. This could be what will make it all work out at a certain raid, and we expect all our members to be flexible and helpful.

Going AFK: DON’T GO AFK ON OWN INITIATIVE ON RAIDS. If you need to go afk, whisper the raid leader if you can go, so he can plan during the raid, if you go afk 2 minutes and 24 people are waiting for you, then its actually 48 minutes of wasted time… We are putting in breaks, so everyone can go AFK at the same time …

Guild: In Elysium, it is mandatory to join the guild. We use EPGP as our loot distribution system; it uses guildnotes to store priorities. If you’re not in the guild, you have no guildnote, you will not receive any loot.

What you can expect from us?

We’re a Raid force focusing on progress. Being stuck in the same dungeon forever is demoralizing for everybody.

We’re trying to be on the move all the time.

Therefore you can expect:

Progress: We’re aiming at progress, and if people play be the rules put up, then we can promise our members to keep the train moving.

Consequence: If youre in the RF and don’t play by the rules, then of course you can’t be in the raidforce. Our role leaders monitor and evaluate not only the trialists, but also our members.

Organisation: We have an organized staff that try to optimize everything for our members. This concerns forums, evaluation, recruitment, voice chat and loot priorities.

Help: Our role officers are all very experienced players that know what you need and when you need it. They can guide you with spell rotations, gear, talent spec, and the like

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