Elysium is a World of Warcraft raidforce located on the EU-Earthen Ring server.


The guild was founded in February 2008, during the Burning Crusade expansion. Many of our members have been part of various raidforces on the server – raiding since the Original World of Warcraft level 60 raids. As raidforces had to adapt to the new raiding style of going from 40 to 10 (Karazhan) back to 25 (Serpentshrine Caverns, Tempest Keep and beyond) many raidforces disbanded. A large group of raiders reformed as Elysium.

Progression raiding

During The Burning Crusade expansion, Elysium progressed quickly and was among the top 5 guilds on the server. Before raidbosses got their end of expansion nerf, we had cleared Serpentshrine Caverns, Tempest Keep, Black Temple and we were working on the third boss in the Sunwell raid. By the end of the expansion nearly all our members were in full tier 6 gear, quite a feat at that time!

In the Wrath of the Lichking expansion our progress was steady though hampered during the summer season and some members burning out on content. Naxxramas was cleared the first week we set foot in it.
Ulduar proved a bit tougher, though the huge place was cleared soon enough, leaving the heroic modes. Once we managed to pick up steam we soon had our Drakes and Glory of the Ulduar raider achievements.

Our progress continued into the tournament grounds where the Trials of the Grand Crusader proved no match for the Elysium raiding machine. Next stop Icecrown Citadel.

The march towards the Lichking saw little bumps in the road. The raidforce was working like a well oiled machine, people have been raiding together for a long time. Soon enough we were riding Frostwyrm dragons, the pinnacle of raid rewards for our raiders. Oh we crafted a couple of legendaries along the road.

As a social Guild

Apart from our raiding, we’re a social guild. With often more than 30 people online at the same time, there are always opportunities for visiting questing, dungeons, PvP and even arena partnering.