End of Tier 15

Right so that’s Throne of Thunder over and done with. We did ok with 5 heroic bosses downed. I would have liked more but we have been through a massive period of upheaval during this tier that really put hit raiding momentum for a fair while.

However. Things are looking brighter at the end of the tier and we are staring to build a nice team and a good raiding pace again. We look forward to virtual realms addressing the issue of declining population on Earthen Ring and hope to find some new friends and great recruits to raid and socialize with in the next few months. We aim to make return to 25 man raiding as soon as possible.
Thanks all of you who have stuck with it and with Elysium and to those who are planning a return in the near future.

For anyone who has hit this page from somewhere else. We are looking for new raiding and social recruits and specifics desired classes and how to go about applying can be found on the recruitment panel above.

Thanks everyone and LONG LIVE ELYSIUM!

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