End of Cataclysm

With the raid content dead, achievements cleared up, and players achieving BiS gear. – Elysium has officially suspended raiding, until the release of the next expansion.


We’d like to thank everybody who have participated:

Those dedicated. The ones that have switched main character to support the guild. Those who have led raids. The avid forum posters. Those actively striving to maintain the friendly atmosphere in the guild. Those participating in unofficial events. The friends that have filled in when there was nobody else. The Officer team for keeping things moving forward. And everybody else in between.

– But most importantly; being the only true progression 25-man guild on the realm as of date.


There have been two hundred and two official raids since we first set foot in Blackwing Descent. During which we’ve had at least 70 different Trialists. Roughly half of these Trialists passed. As of our last raid, the guild held 35 active raiders.


The end of an era.

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