7/7M all wrapped up just in time for xmas.

So, just before xmas we finished off Emerald Nightmare Mythic. In all honesty I think that the stupid tree boss was the hardest. Here are the screenshots of all the boss kills. Well done to everyone who was involved.

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Archimonde is deader than a dead thing!

So we killed Mythic Archimonde a few weeks back. In all honesty I think Mannoroth was a harder fight to learn but Archimonde is a bit more of a learned sequence of events that everyone has to get right. It took a few pulls but eventually he went down quite nicely. So here’s the screenshot and well done raiders 🙂

Archimonde Mythic/bw


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…And then there was one!

Another five bite the dust and we are down to just Mr. Fancy Pants Demon, Archimonde himself. Well done raiders for all the effort so far in Hellfire Citadel. Lets push the last guy over and steal his stuff!. Congrats all and here are the shots.

Mannoroth Mythic

Xhul'horac Mythic

Zakuun Mythic

Tyrant Velhari Mythic

Iskar Mythic

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Whhhoooaaa, we’re half way therrreeee!!!

Seven Mythic bosses down, six more to go. We are very happy to get over the Gorefiend hump and into the fun stuff. Good work Raiders! Here are the kill shots for Iron Reaver, Kormorok, Hellfire High Council, Killrogg Deadeye, Gorefiend and Socrethar.

Socrethar Mythic

Gorefiend Mythic

Killrogg Deadeye Mythic

Hellfire High Council Mythic

Kormorok Mythic

Iron Reaver Mythic

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First Mythic Kill.

It’s a fun fight with a bit of a stressful bit in the middle! We have practiced the fight a few times before, but tonight it just felt like it was going down from the outset. A few pulls to iron out the balance on each side and down it went.

Good job raiders.

Hellfire Assault Mythic

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Watermelon boss totally unbeatable!


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One more, under the wire.

Just before the release of patch 6.2 and the opening of Hellfire citadel we managed a third Mythic kill by downing Hans’gar and Franzok. Good work to the raiders that put the time in to get this one down!

Hans'gar & Franzok

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We killed Gruul too!

Over a month ago we killed Gruul on Mythic diffiiculty. Due to a hard drive crash and a fair bit of slacking on my part I lost the screenie for a while. But after some digging on a backup drive I have relocated it, so here it is.

Good job raiders.

Gruul Mythic

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First Mythic Kill In Blackrock Foundry

We hit our first Mythic kill today in Blackrock Foundry by defeating Darmac. This fight is similar to Iron Maidens in that it’s a very long fight with the hard bits right at the end. We progressed quite nicely in our practice attempts and refined our tactics until we got a solid well executed kill.

Well done raiders.

Darmac Mythic

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Blackhand Heroic Killed.

Quite a painful boss but in Elysium style we put him down with the infamous ‘last pull of the evening’. Well done all and on we go to Mythics.

Blackhand Heroic

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